Megasolutions' Staff

Lee Browner

El Presidente

He's the boss. We say nice things about him. 'nuff said.

Seriously, Lee received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from UCLA in 1974 and his Juris Doctorate degree from UCLA in 1977. He was a real estate attorney from 1978 to 1986 prior to entering the printing business. He founded MegaSolutions in 1987 and was one of the first digital printers in the Bay Area.

Veronica Chak

General Manager

Veronica doesn't like jokes and is mostly a serious person with a dry personality. She makes the Sahara desert look like a rain forest. This is a picture of her laughing.

If she knew this was her bio, she probably would be the first one on this list and not almost last cause she's a boss like that. Oh, and she's not new to print, she's been around and has more skill in her glare than you do with your "how to be a print broker for dummies" book. She taught Chuck Norris. Any questions?

Alex Garcia

Assistant General Manager

Alex Garcia is the head coach of our football production team. We promise not to let him spike your projects when they're complete.

Alex is a print industry veteran with experience in bindery, production and management. From quoting to finishing to shipping, Alex is involved in your project every step of the way. He'll make sure to get your project out right and on time. If you need to make changes or check the status of your order, he's the person to talk to.

Raj (Neeraj) Lal

Raj (Neeraj) Lal,
CSR/Prepress/Production Manager

Raj is "Mr. Digital Printing"! Raj's biography is simply too long to include on this website. He has experienced more life and near death experiences than most men his age. If you have read this far, you are probably curious about the near death experiences. He can tell you all the stories while your project is printing.

Raj is an experienced printer and prepress manager. There is nothing Raj cannot do or figure out when it comes to printing and fulfillment. He operates copiers/digital presses, performs prepress operations, resolves IT issues, and coordinate postal mailing with ease. Just ask him to do anything and he will get it done. Except wash your car. Wash your own car!

Scott Berti

Digital Press Ops

Scott Berti is our gentlest member. He's so nice he'll give you the hair off his back and knit you a sweater just so you'll be warm in his temperature controlled office.

Scott's Indigo mastery will make your images come out crisp and vibrant. He's worked with MegaSolutions since 2002 and is a cornerstone in the company. Between juggling the HP Indigo presses, he can also tweak your prepress file to achieve your desired results. Even HP Indigo techs call him for support.