File Formats & Submission

PDF Files

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Adobe Acrobat PDF workflow is the foundation of modern print technology and MegaSolutions has created automated PDF workflows to reduce costs and provide quicker turnaround. PDF's (printer description files) are ideal because they can control all aspects of the file for printing when properly created.

Providing a properly created high resolution PDF file eliminates the need to include source files, graphics files, fonts and application files because all this information is contained within the single PDF file that can be transported easily via the web (FTP transfer), storage media, or email and still print high quality output.

To create these files you will need Adobe Acrobat and you will need to utilize the proper file settings. On our resources page we have instructional files (in PDF format) to create high resolution PDF files for maximum quality output and our equipment. High resolution PDF files lower your costs and are required for submitting documents through our Online Ordering System.

Application Files

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Our Prepress Department has the capability of working with the most commonly used Mac and PC platform graphics application files including the Adobe Creative Suite package (InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop and Acrobat), QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher).

When we work from application files there will be additional prepress charges since we will not be able to use our automated PDF workflow. Files created from these programs should be created and saved in CMYK color schemes and be in TIF or EPS format.

You should be aware that files created from the Microsoft Office suite are RGB files that will be converted to CMYK, which may distort the expected colors and that font, graphics and spacing problems can occur whenever Microsoft files are transferred from one computer to another due to the fact that the Microsoft programs were not designed to be used for high quality commercial print.

File Submission

When submitting application files it is important to include everything that you have used in your layout files: graphics, fonts and the layout file. A good way to achieve this is to obtain a copy of Markzware's FlightCheck. This software can be set to collect all necessary files and place them into a folder with sub-folders for fonts and images.

When transferring application files via FTP you will need to compress your files to help keep file integrity during transfer though the Internet (either FTP or email). If there are specific concerns with the production of a file it is helpful to include a text file with explanations (i.e., if you want a color to match a certain Pantone color, or if attention needs to be paid to certain lines of text that they do not wrap, etc.).

It is also helpful to provide hard copy print outs so we can compare layout and page position to our output. Hard copy proofing becomes more important when working with application files due to the complex components involved and the possibility of missing graphics or fonts.