Full color cds & Dvds

cd & dvd copying

We offer short run (1-250) CD and DVD duplication in-house, as well as full CD and DVD packaging solutions. Our CD and DVD duplication system not only duplicates, but also does full color 800 dpi inkjet printing directly to the media.

We do full color inserts of all sorts: trayliners, jewel cases, DVD cases, clamshells, shrinkwrap, etc., basically the entire range of services to deliver your short run custom CD and DVD jobs. If your job is larger than 250 pieces we partner with manufacturers that can run 250 - millions of CDs/DVDs. So no matter your duplication needs, we can fill them.


cd & dvd copying

Rimage 4500 and Liberty Printer

This system has four duplication drives and prints beautiful direct to media images at 4800dpi. This equipment is suited perfectly for high quality short run print-on-demand CD/DVD projects.