Benefits of Just in Time Printing

The basic principle of Just In Time (JIT) purchasing is to buy only what you need when you need it. The benefits of JIT printing include:

Reduced Waste

paper waste
Before on-demand printing became possible, companies would have large quantities of materials offset printed and warehoused to save money. Unit pricing for orders of 5,000 brochures were considerably less than for orders of 500 brochures.

However, in today's fast-moving business markets products are revised or updated frequently, thereby requiring revised documentation. Products become obsolete very quickly as technology changes rapidly.

In either event, new documentation is required, frequently resulting in the disposal of unused outdated documentation as waste. The savings from high volume printing often are erased when obsolete documentation is discarded. JIT on-demand printing eliminates this loss by allowing you to print only as much as you need when you need it.

Reduced Inventory

By using JIT on-demand printing, you eliminate the costs associated with maintaining an inventory of documentation. Inventory costs include capital required to purchase inventory, warehouse space to store the materials, and manpower costs to process and maintain inventory.

Capital, real estate, and labor costs associated with maintaining inventory are an often overlooked cost of documentation that can be eliminated by using JIT on-demand digital printing.

Cost-Effective Short Runs

On-demand digital printing gives you the ability to print 100, 25 or even one copy whenever you want at a reasonable price. This is impossible with offset printing. Previous print technology could not provide acceptable quality for short runs. On-demand digital printing solves these dilemmas.